Stackable and Scalable Homes: Your Weekly Update - Week of 11/20/23

Stackable and Scalable Homes: Your Weekly Update - Week of 11/20/23

ZenniHome has entered the housing market with a very unique approach. With homes that can stand alone or stack 5 high for multifamily configurations, ZenniHome is poised to deliver homes to customers at a rate never seen before. 


Inside this issue:

🏡 Experience the low-maintenance luxury of our homes' fiber-cement exterior cladding

🏢 Understand how ZenniHome's design allow configurations up to 5 stories high

🚀 See how we plan to factory-build our homes at scale

🛠 Discover why a developer would us ZenniHome stackable units vs traditional building methods


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Design Spotlight:

Did you know the exterior cladding is made of fiber-cement and is extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting? It protects your home, and easily dries when wet. The only maintenance required is a quick rinse with soap and water once a year. The cladding gives the home a high-quality polished appearance and is one of our Chief Architect's favorite design elements of the exterior. 


Stackable and Scalable

The demand for housing in the United States is outpacing new construction, resulting in a shortage of millions of homes. Site-built construction struggles to keep up with the demand for new housing due to lengthy construction timelines and labor shortages. 

ZenniHome is transforming the housing industry with our innovative stackable and scalable homes that are built in a factory. 

ZenniHome models revolutionize multifamily housing by offering the unique ability to stack up to five stories high over a podium, setting us apart from the competition. While developers handle permitting and site preparation, our models are built in a climate-controlled factory. When it's time to install, our homes arrive finished and furnished for faster installation. 

The key to stacking is our steel chassis approach. Using high-quality recycled steel from our friends at Page Steel, we are able to create a base structure that can stand alone as a single-family home or have four additional homes stacked on top of it to create epic multifamily buildings with a "lego-like" approach. 

Constraining ourselves to two core base home units and building with steel allows us to develop robotic automated factory lines and dramatically speed up future production. 

With the ability to stack and factory-produce our homes at scale, we offer developers faster, more cost-effective installations with consistent high-quality homes. As ZenniHome production progresses, we are targeting a cost savings of 30% and a scheduled savings of 50% for multifamily developments compared to traditional building methods. 

We're not just another "tiny home" company. Our designers and engineers have created something completely new and revolutionary that opens up a massive market. It's no wonder 75% of our 40,000 soft orders have come from developers looking for multifamily configurations.


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