Labor shortages, the rising cost of construction materials, supply chain issues, and long-term underinvestment have created an unprecedented demand for homes in the U.S. That’s why Bob Worsley, former Arizona State Senator, author, serial entrepreneur, and founder of SkyMall, teamed up with his friend, Stephen D. James, designer of eco-friendly, master planned communities such as Daybreak in Utah, to co-found ZenniHome..

Founded in 2019 ZenniHome brings viable solutions to the housing industry shortage by designing and factory building its models to be easily transported, to have a minimum environmental footprint, to stack in multi-family configurations, and to include leading edge technologies that transform the customer experience of buying, investing, owning, and living.

From financing and permitting to sustainable upgrades to re-configurations and additions – whether you are a first-time buyer, an ADU aficionado looking for a stand-alone unit, a real estate investor looking to generate additional rental income, or a developer/investor seeking to build a multi-family community, we’ve got you. Most home manufacturing companies are solely focused on the product – but for us it’s equally about the people who buy and build them, the seamless process from website to finished site, and the priority of the planet. (See our FAQ for more details.)

Of course, our flagship patented design units – Denizen and Citizen – are also in a league of their own. We specialize in transformative architecture and robotic furnishings that allow customers to get more living out of every square inch. ZenniHome builds smart, connected homes with environmentally prioritized features.

The ZenniHome Difference

Transformative Design

After significant research to get the versatile building blocks designed perfectly, we patented the design! The basic engineering principles are:

  • An open concept floor plan giving your ZenniHome maximum functionality and flexibility.
  • Fully integrated high-tech robotic walls and furniture that transform your home to create just the space you need, when you need it.
  • Our two models – Citizen and Denizen – are like LEGO™ blocks. They can be configured in limitless ways so you can build your perfect living arrangement. 

Tailored to Your Style

All models come in a range of colors, finishes, and add-on options to let you personalize your new ZenniHome.

Wise Investment

ZenniHome’s pricing, durability and energy efficiency let you spend less on a mortgage and utilities and more on a big life.

Green Eco-Friendly

  • We made the Tiny Home trend livable! ZenniHome is a 1950-sized home with robotics to make it feel three times bigger. Tiny Homes are a minimalist trend and use less material but are too small to be practical for many homeowners.
  • ZenniHome modules are built with steel not wood. Designed for advanced manufacturing, every ZenniHome lends itself to the kind of advanced factory manufacturing used to make beautiful, strong, and resilient cars like Tesla™ – where a new car can be manufactured every 30 seconds. Steel is also stronger, less combustible, more recyclable, and can stack up to 7 stories.
  • A ZenniHome has many green features:
    • Factory-installed solar system for energy production
    • Lithium-ion back-up batteries for energy storage
    • Gray- and black-water recycling for water management
    • Atmospheric extracted potable water for reduced water dependence

Move-In Ready

ZenniHome models come with a fully furnished design package:

  • Beds
  • Sofa
  • Table and chairs
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Desks
  • TV
  • Stacked washer / dryer
  • Tankless unlimited hot water
  • Smart home features

Smart, Secure, Connected

ZenniHome integrates:

  • Starlink broadband internet
  • Google Home Hub Max controls including:
    • Thermostat (Nest)
    • Security and cameras (Ring)
    • Furniture (Ori)

Home As A Service – HaaS

  • What does HaaS mean? ZenniHome is more than just a turnkey provider of some of the most planet-prioritizing, high-tech, adaptive homes on the market; we are a committed companion to assist you through your new home journey and however your ZenniHome needs may evolve over time.
  • You can buy directly from ZenniHome online and have your home delivered in months.
  • Our domestic factory production in Page, Arizona is central to a population of 70 million people in the highest US growth area…the Southwest. Our ISO sized models are made for easy transportation and global logistics.


ZenniHome has pre-designed ZenCity combinations for developers with 2-100 units and stackable up to 7 stories. We also have pre-engineered:

  • Stair and elevator enclosures
  • Covered walkways, patios, decks, and parking
  • Enclosed garages and storage
  • Every brise soleil could be a wind electricity generator

Locally Built

  • Our models are precision-made in a temperature-controlled factory in Page, Arizona that was productively transitioned from a decommissioned coal plant on Navajo land.
  • We are thrilled to re-employ and up-skill the local community and have them as part of our team.
  • We are committed to building 6,000 homes from the amount of steel recycled from the coal plant.