Forbes Recognition and Ori Pocket Closet: Your Weekly Update - Week of 11/13/23

Forbes Recognition and Ori Pocket Closet: Your Weekly Update - Week of 11/13/23

ZenniHome has been featured in Forbes! In the feature, Jim Vinoski explores how ZenniHome is harnessing the power of factory robotics and home automation to make affordable, top-quality homes accessible to everyone. Find the full feature in our newsletter below.


Inside this issue:

👕 See how the Ori Pocket Closet effortlessly transforms an entertainment center into a walk-in wardrobe

🤖 Discover why Forbes has acknowledged ZenniHome's innovations in factory automation and robotics

☀️ Explore how our partnership with the Navajo Nation is building a brighter future for the community  


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Design Spotlight

Experience the magic of our Ori Pocket Closet, an ingenious addition to every ZenniHome. With a simple press, it transforms into a walk-in wardrobe, adding elegance to your space. Need more room? It smoothly slides away, creating an open, versatile living area. Designed with counterweights, it operates seamlessly even during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted convenience. Embrace the future of living with ZenniHome, where innovative design meets your everyday needs. 


Featured in Forbes

Forbes has recognized the transformative potential of ZenniHome's approach. By embracing factory automation and robotics, we are not only enhancing efficiency but also reshaping the landscape of modular construction. Our focus on scalable, stackable modules allows us to build multifamily dwellings and larger homes, addressing various housing needs. 

In the article, Forbes explores how ZenniHome, under the visionary leadership of our co-founders Bob Worsley and Stephen James, is addressing America's affordable housing crisis using cutting-edge innovations. Our commitment to making high-quality, affordable homes accessible to all has garnered significant attention, with 40,000 soft orders in hand before our official launch. 

At the heart of our innovation is the fusion of modular designs and advanced robotics. By standardizing our designs based on 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers, we've created adaptable living spaces that are not only affordable but also highly livable. The Denizen model, starting at $90,000, offers 320 square feet of living space, while the larger Citizen model, beginning at $125,000, provides 640 square feet, both featuring additional porch and deck spaces.

Our homes are more than just structures; they are intelligent spaces designed to maximize functionality. Through automation and robotics, interiors transform seamlessly. Beds lift to the ceiling, walk-in closets slide away, and every model comes fully furnished, ensuring comfort and convenience. 

We take immense pride in our partnership with the Navajo Nation, a cornerstone of our mission. By utilizing the skilled workforce and bringing jobs back to the community, we're not just building homes; we're creating a brighter future. 

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