A whole different animal

A whole different animal

A whole different animal

This isn’t what you think it is. Maybe you discovered ZenniHome because you searched for prefab homes, modular homes or container homes. And we suppose that, technically, those terms can apply to ZenniHome. But your search has led you to something more. Something entirely else.

A highly evolved species of home

A highly evolved species of home.

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This is transformative home design by ZenniHome

This is transformative home design by ZenniHome.

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Introducing a home that reconfigures space and time.
It’s like having a fully furnished 1,500-square-foot home in 640 square feet of space.
Space that’s convert-able, love-able and attain-able.

Not a small house. A big answer

Not a small house. A big answer.

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For aspiring first-time homeowners.
For retirement living and resort living.
For someone looking to create a rental property.
A family wanting to make room for multiple generations.
A developer seeking an answer to cost and supply issues.
Or a city that needs a housing solution … and needs it now.

A living home

A living home.

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Responsive to the flow and rhythm of your day.

Turnkey, Turncouch, Turncloset

Turnkey. Turncouch. Turncloset.

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Just Everything

Just Everything.

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When you buy a new car, there’s no need to shop for seats, tires and a steering wheel.
You get the whole thing. The same goes for ZenniHome. It’s a whole home. A complete ergonomic system, including fixtures, furniture, even solar panels. Yes, it’s everything plus the kitchen sink. And suddenly home ownership becomes something it never was before: easy.

This is new math

This is new math.

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Using less space, ZenniHome requires less energy to heat and cool.
Less time to clean and maintain. Less of an investment to own. And, as you can imagine, all that subtraction really adds up.

Net positive … it could happen

Net positive … it could happen.

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With integrated solar energy and cutting-edge insulating materials — and with an ingenious manufacturing process that assures every element comes together as a fully integrated, high-performance system — ZenniHome has the ability to achieve net positive energy usage. In other words, the utility company may be sending you a check.

A lighter life

A lighter life.

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Unbounded, unburdened and rich in experience.

Democracy of design

Democracy of design.

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At ZenniHome, we believe great design should be attainable by everyone, not just the fortunate few. Driven by that core conviction, we’ve found a way to create homes that are not only attainable but downright beautiful. With light-filled spaces that uplift the spirit. And quality materials that are a feast for the eye and gratifying to the touch.

The love child of form and function

The love child of form and function.

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That’s ZenniHome. A living environment that gracefully balances ergonomics and aesthetics to create a home that works … beautifully.

_ within reach
Free as a bird

Free as a bird.

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Liberate your home and your life will follow.


More square feet per square foot.

Thanks to some smart design thinking and some brilliant robotic furniture, it takes about 30 seconds for ZenniHome to turn your master bedroom into your living room. Or your second bedroom into an office or studio. This ability to transform — this radical multipurposefulness — is what makes ZenniHome a completely new kind of home.


Feels a bit like magic.



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