We offer two versatile models to meet your housing needs; a one-bedroom Denizen 320 sq ft, designed for 1-2 people, and a two-bedroom Citizen 640 sqft, designed for 2-4 people.

Your ZenniHome arrives furnished and outfitted just as you ordered it. It comes move-in ready with your sofa, TVs, kitchen appliances, bathroom fittings, tables, chairs, desk, shelves, and even your beds. And since smart robotics are part of every ZenniHome, it comes uniquely able to transform unused space into living space day and night. You also can add all the smart home features you want… smart locks, smart cameras, smart thermostats, WIFI, Starlink broadband connections, AC or DC power outlets, smart lights, etc.

Yes, you can select from several modern exterior and interior design schemes.You can also add more advanced resilience features for power and water as well as advanced internet and entertainment options.

A ZenniHome is built with versatility in mind. It can meet your many and changing housing needs.You can use a ZenniHome as a primary or secondary home for yourself, for an AirBnB or other rental property, or a little of both. You can also use a ZenniHome as an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). An ADU is a separate housing unit that can be located on a residential lot that has an existing home on it and is permitted by the city. A ZenniHome can add that much-needed extra space for guests, a home office, art studio, home school and so much more, all without paying for costly additions and renovations.

We start the process as soon as we get your order. From the time of your purchase, you might have to wait a year or more to get a custom-built home, but your ZenniHome will get to you in half that time or less. 6 months should be ample time for all the effort to complete a home, permit your site and install it for use

ZenniHomes are built in a secure, controlled manufacturing environment. Every home is independently inspected and quality assured throughout the process to manufactured home construction standards. Your ZenniHome is built stronger than any traditional home constructed outdoors because it is built with a steel frame in a weather-controlled environment and designed to be shipped.

Contact us for your free parcel report and we’ll give you the information that’s specific to your location.

Installation is a simple, one or two-day process. Prior to arriving on site with the home, the site needs to be permitted by a governmental entity like a city or county and have as many as a dozen small piers installed and perfectly leveled. Sewer, water, electrical and gas connections need to be extended to one central location where the unit home will easily connect when the unit is in its final location on the piers.

Yes, call us to explore how ZenniHomes’ Denizen and Citizen units can be used as part of your single-family, multi-family, and stacked multi-family developments or to create a new community of your own.