29 W ZenCity: Your Weekly Update - Week of 11/27/23

29 W ZenCity: Your Weekly Update - Week of 11/27/23

We are thrilled to share that we recently broke ground on our first ZenCity multifamily development in Mesa, AZ! This project will not only bring a much needed grocery store to the downtown area, but also provide 90 ZenniHome apartments on just a 1/2 acre lot. 


Inside this issue:

🛁 Explore a reimagined era of bathroom design at ZenniHome

🌆 Explore how ZenCity's modern architecture merges seamlessly with historic charm, creating a unique urban landscape in downtown Mesa.

🌟 Delve into Mayor John Giles' vision for downtown Mesa, showcased by ZenCity's transformative development. 


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Design Spotlight:

Step into the future of bathroom design with ZenniHome's innovative approach to cleanliness and accessibility. Our bathrooms redefine functionality as wet rooms, ensuring effortless cleaning with their seamless, waterproof design. Our Citizen model features an ADA-A compliant bathroom, providing a comfortable and independent space for everyone. The wet room concept extends from flooring to walls, creating a modern, sleek aesthetic while enhancing durability. Experience a new era of clean, accessible, and stylish bathrooms--welcome to ZenniHome's vision of everyday living. 


ZenCity featured in Yahoo! Finance

We're thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of our first ZenCity project in Mesa, AZ! This innovative venture integrates a vital grocery store into the heart of downtown Mesa, addressing a long-standing need within the community. Alongside this, ZenCity will feature 90 ZenniHome apartments, all meticulously crafted on a mere 1/2 acre lot. 

What makes this project truly revolutionary is our commitment to sustainable, community-focused housing. These 90 ZenniHome apartments, constructed with our advanced factory-built units, showcase the future of housing technology. With 40,000 soft orders already received, especially in markets where construction labor is scarce. 

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey. We're not just constructing buildings; we're building the future of urban living, one innovative project at a time. Join us as we reshape communities and provide innovative solutions to housing shortages. 

Learn more about the project here:


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