Building Sustainable Homes: Your Weekly Update - Week of 1/8/24

Building Sustainable Homes: Your Weekly Update - Week of 1/8/24

Step into a world where homes are more than structures; they are a testament to sustainable living and intentional design. In this edition, discover the secrets behind ZenniHome's innovative approach to eco-friendly living, shaping the future of strategic, environmentally-conscious living.


Inside this issue:

♻️ Uncover the core principles shaping ZenniHome's commitment to sustainability

💧 Explore how ZenniHome's collaborations with industry leaders like Aquaria are amplifying the impact of sustainable living

📹 Learn about the convenience and security offered by our integrated Ring doorbell cameras


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Design Spotlight

Enhance your home security with the Ring Doorbell Camera, a smart addition to every ZenniHome. With high-definition video and two-way talk, you can answer your door from anywhere, bringing convenience and peace of mind to your fingertips. Benefit from advanced motion detection and real-time alerts, ensuring you're always in the know when someone stops by. Whether you're at home or away, this cutting-edge technology provides an extra layer of security, making your ZenniHome not just a residence, but a haven of safety and modern living.


Building Sustainable Homes

At ZenniHome, we're not just building homes; we're shaping a lifestyle that champions eco-friendliness and social consciousness. Sustainability is at the heart of our mission, reflected in every aspect of our home designs. Our intentional decision to create homes smaller than the average residence promotes a simpler, more thoughtful way of living while significantly reducing utility demands.

Solar integration is a key feature of ZenniHome structures. We design our homes to seamlessly incorporate solar energy, promoting self-sufficiency and reducing reliance on traditional power grids. This conscious choice empowers homeowners to harness the abundant energy of the sun for their daily needs.

Water conservation is another crucial aspect of our green approach. Each ZenniHome includes separate plumbing for gray- and black-water, ensuring efficient water use and reuse. This innovative plumbing design reflects our commitment to responsible water management.

In collaboration with innovative partners like Aquaria, we strengthen our commitment to conservation. Aquaria's atmospheric water generators offer innovative solutions for water sourcing in diverse settings. From single-family residences to mid-rise, multi-family developments, these partnerships contribute to a renewable future. 


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James G. Yarbrough

James G. Yarbrough

What is your plan to support providing houses in Lahaina? Do you need investors for this project? Project managers?
Thx – Jim

Michelle courry

Michelle courry

Where is the closest site to Houston we can view these homes. Also interested in looking into a stackable concept.

Zannell Blahut

Zannell Blahut

Looking to put an ADU in Vista California. Wondering if we can do the smallest one but add a second story with only a bathroom not a kitchen or any of the mechanical furniture. Also , if this is possible, what would be the cost of the 2nd story?



Looking to see if
2 bed 21/2 bath in 800 sq ft
May be available ?
Please let us know
Thank you

Matt Vandiver

Matt Vandiver

Hi, I would like to take a tour of your models in Mesa today?

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