How to prepare for your ZenniHome

How to prepare for your ZenniHome

Our ZenniHome prototypes are almost ready for tours in Mesa, AZ. We are excited for everyone who has been waiting to see our homes cross the threshold from factory to reality! We expect once you've been able to experience the Citizen and Denizen for yourself, you’re going to have questions about what you need to do before receiving your own.

ZenniHome does almost everything for you. Your ZenniHome comes move-in ready. Your robotic furniture moves to create the functional space you need, just when you need it. Smart tech and eco-options are integrated and designed for seamless living right from the start. And we’ll deliver your ZenniHome straight to your site from our factory in Page, Arizona.

However, there are important steps you’ll need to take to ensure your site is prepped for a smooth ZenniHome installation.

Here’s an overview.

What we do: Make sure your ZenniHome complies with state, federal and international codes. See the Our Process page for more specs.

What you do: Make sure a ZenniHome is allowed on your site (zoning), then get the site plan approved (permitting).

Zoning: Contact your city’s or county’s planning and/or zoning department and ask for a parcel report. Find out what the requirements and restrictions are; they may be different for primary residences or accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Pay special attention to any Homeowners Association, CC&R’s or historical district rules. It’s best to do this before you reserve your ZenniHome.

Permitting: Permitting begins once you’ve paid your first Production Deposit (see the Our Process page for a detailed payment schedule). We will send you a Permit Drawing Package with all the construction documents, installation instructions and technical details you’ll need to get your site plan approved by your local government authority. Most of our ZenniHome buyers work with a contractor, engineer or architect on this process. We’ve also partnered with if you need extra assistance along the permitting journey.


What we do: Precision-build your ZenniHome to your design specifications.

What you do: Prepare your ZenniHome site’s foundation and utilities.

When you have the permitting go-ahead, you can start preparing your site for your ZenniHome. You’ll need to work with a licensed installer of modular homes to create the pier foundation for your ZenniHome, using the specs we send you in the Permit Drawing Package. You’ll also need to install or extend utilities (sewer, water and electricity) to the site.

Make sure to budget for site prep. Foundations typically cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. Utility hook-up costs depend on whether your lot is already developed. On average, they can run from $3,300 to connect existing utilities to $40,000 to run new lines to an undeveloped site.

All site preparations should be completed before your ZenniHome is scheduled for delivery. Don’t let site preparation hold up the installation process of your beautiful new Citizen or Denizen home.


What we do: Load your ZenniHome on a semi-truck for delivery to your site.

What you do: Hire a licensed crew (and crane!) to install your ZenniHome.

When your ZenniHome build is complete, we’ll coordinate delivery with you. Shipping costs are approximately $4 per mile for the Denizen and $8 per mile for the Citizen.

You’ll need an experienced, licensed team to crane your ZenniHome off the truck(s) and onto your foundation. For the Citizen, there will be four component crane lifts. For the Denizen, there will be two. You're installing an entire house at once; don’t be surprised if your neighbors come out to watch this fascinating process!

On-site installation typically takes three weeks to complete and includes: securing your ZenniHome to the foundation; mating and sealing the components; hooking up utilities; and installing the porches, gabion walls and the robotic furniture. Your utilities will need to be inspected and approved by your local authorities as well.


What we do: Include everything you need to “live big” in ZenniHome’s efficient design.

What you do: Live that large, transformed life!

Once your ZenniHome is installed, you’ll find the ease of its design takes over. Welcome to ZenniHome living, where your home flexes to meet your needs, hour-by-hour.

What will you do with the extra time, money and stress saved by choosing to live more efficiently? You tell us!


Are you ready to get serious about the ZenniHome installation process? Read all the technical details; don’t miss a step on your journey home.


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