Your ZenniHome transforms with robotic furniture

Your ZenniHome transforms with robotic furniture
In 2021, the average size of a newly-built single-family home in the U.S. was 2,273 square feet.1 Well, ZenniHome is definitely the opposite of average! Our models are a fraction of that size, only 14 percent (Denizen) and 28 percent (Citizen). Why? Because our homes are designed to use space in the most efficient ways possible. We believe you should not have to pay to build, buy, rent, decorate, heat or cool space you don’t use. With innovative design, you can live a very big life in a much smaller space—without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. The robotic furniture by Ori ZenniHome incorporates into both of our models helps achieve this more spacious feeling.

Ori, named after origami, was founded by Hasier Larrea. The idea for Ori was born at MIT Media Lab, where Larrea was studying, and then was developed in the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. The “Swiss army knife” of furniture companies officially launched in 2018 and now helps developers and homeowners multiply the use they get out of smaller spaces.

Here are the Ori products we use to maximize every square foot of our ZenniHome models:

Ori Cloud Bed
Available in both the Denizen and Citizen models with upgraded furniture plan

The Ori Cloud Bed looks like a high-end modern sofa paired with warm, built-in wood paneling. But at night a bed descends like magic, transforming the living area into a cozy sleeping den.
  • Sweet dreams: The queen-sized bed comes with a mattress with an eight-inch memory foam topper.
  • Day to night and back again: With a touch of a button, it only takes 30 seconds to raise or lower the bed.
  • Secret storage: Keep linens and more in the couch’s hidden pull-out drawers.
  • Wired, not tired: The unit features built-in, dimmable LED lighting and four outlets.

Ori Pocket Closet
Included in both the Denizen and Citizen models

If you think a 320- or 640-square foot home has no room for a walk-in closet, think again. Ori’s Pocket Closet looks like a simple media center, but it also functions as a sleek work space and easy-to-access storage solution. The closet opens and closes robotically to reveal an eye-popping amount of storage space.
  • Get to work (or not): A desk hinges down when you need to work and folds up flush when you’re ready to play.
  • Fast getaway: Forgot your umbrella? It only takes 20 seconds to open or close the unit.
  • Big screen: The media center front has space for a 48” TV and much, much more.
  • Customize it: Adjust the inner closet’s hang bars and shelves as you like.
  • Plug in: The unit has two outlets and two USB ports hidden inside the desk area.

Are you ready to explore a smarter use of space? With Ori robotic furniture, ZenniHome’s Denizen and Citizen models transform as you go through your day to meet your needs with no square feet wasted.

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