6 Reasons first-time home buyers should consider a ZenniHome

6 Reasons first-time home buyers should consider a ZenniHome

It’s getting harder and harder for first-time home buyers out there. Not only have average home prices spiked, but the number of affordable “starter homes” on the market has plummeted. In 2002, more than half of the homes sold cost under $200,000. In July 2021, that market share dropped to just two percent. In other words, 98 percent of the homes sold in July 2021 cost more than $200,000. 


ZenniHome is offering first-time home buyers another option: Sustainable, transformable, customizable homes, precision built in an eco-friendly factory. What makes ZenniHomes a good choice for first-time home buyers?  Here are six reasons:

Stress-free construction

We’ve all heard the new-home-build horror stories: Construction projects that end up costing twice as much as expected. Contractors who walk off the site without finishing the job. Unexpected (and expensive) changes needed in the middle of construction. Your ZenniHome home experience will be very, very different. Your model will be factory-built and shipped to your site. That’s it. No surprises, no stress.  

Attainable pricing on a brand-new home


According to Home Advisor, it costs an average of $283,131 to build a new house in the U.S.2 Of course, traditionally built new houses will vary widely on price, depending on size, materials and location. ZenniHomes are designed to combine beauty, transformative design and cutting-edge home technology in one fairly priced package. Our 320 square foot Denizen model is estimated to start at $90,000 (base price), and our 640 square foot Citizen model starts at $125,000 (estimated). 

In addition to the model itself, you must not overlook other costs associated with a new home build. 

  • The lot ($5,000 - $150,000)
  • Permitting ($1,200-$2.000)
  • Preparing the lot ($1,500-$5,000)
  • Foundation ($4,000-$25,000)
  • Utility hook-ups ($3,300-$40,000) if your lot isn’t developed.
  • Shipping -Denizen is $4/mile and the Citizen is $8/mile.
  • Placing your ZenniHome on its foundation via a crane. 

You may be able to bundle some or all of these costs into your mortgage. We have partnered with Intercap Leading should you have any questions, reach out to our dedicated loan officer Dave Johnson

Streamlined financing 

We know that financing is one of the most stressful parts of buying/building a home. Figuring out how to pay for what, and when, can get complicated. ZenniHome is working with Intercap Lending to streamline financing for our customers. Intercap understands our process and is uniquely qualified to help our customers finance their ZenniHome purchases. 

Note: ZenniHome models are not manufactured homes or mobile homes. They are precision-built in a factory and are appreciating assets valued and appraised like a normal new home. 

Lower utility costs


Our homes are designed to minimize your monthly living costs. Outfit your Denizen or Citizen with our solar power and water conservation options and pay much less in monthly utility bills. Depending on your location and power use, our solar package could cover most (or even all) of your electricity needs. Our grey and blackwater recycling systems and SOURCE drinking water hydropanels will drastically reduce your water costs as well. 

Move-in ready

First-time buyers will be surprised by how much it costs to furnish a new home. We all know someone who spent months living in a nearly empty new home before being able to furnish it.

With ZenniHome, your new home is move-in ready on day one. Both models feature robotic furniture made by Ori: Beds descend from the ceiling to turn living rooms and offices into sleeping spaces. Closets open when in use, then collapse to save space. You’ll get double, maybe even triple the use out of every square foot.

You will order your Denizen or Citizen model complete with sofas, TV, kitchen appliances, bathroom fittings, tables, chairs, desks and shelves. You’ll also be able to choose from ZenniHome’s smart-tech options, including connected cameras, locks, lights and thermostats; Starlink broadband Wifi and/or Google Home Hub Max. 

You choose where to live

Where do you want to be? ZenniHome will ship your Denizen or Citizen model from its flagship factory outside of Page, Arizona, anywhere in the United States. If you are frustrated with the price, condition and availability of homes in your market, maybe it’s time to start looking at empty lots—and a Denizen or Citizen. Note: We expect full production to begin in early 2023. 

Reserve your Denizen

Reserve your Citizen

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Trevor Howard

Trevor Howard

Looking forward to doing business soon. I have 2 1/2 aces in SC. How many houses would I be able to accommodate?

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