5 Reasons to Choose an Electric Stove and Oven

5 Reasons to Choose an Electric Stove and Oven

At ZenniHome, we’re electric! Our homes are built with electric appliances, not gas. Why did we choose electric appliances? Read on to find the top 5 reasons to choose an electric stove / oven.

No open flame

A gas range uses an open flame to cook your food. While this does allow you to change the heat level faster, it also poses a safety risk. An electric stove uses a metal heating element, which means no open flames inside your house, and we think that’s a good thing.

Dry, even heat

Electric ovens are able to cycle on and off more quickly than a gas oven, helping your oven maintain the temperature you set. This even heat makes an electric oven great for baking. It also means your oven is more responsive when there is heat loss - such as when you open the oven door to check on your delicious creation. Electric heat also tends to be drier than gas, which helps when you want to brown a number of dishes - from roast chicken, vegetables, even bread!

Easier cleanup

Electric stovetops feature a flat cooking surface, rather than the raised burners of a gas stovetop. Cleanup is a breeze with a simple wipe down of the surface. Instead of spending your free time removing gas burners to clean up the mess underneath, you can more quickly get back to that outdoor project or just relaxing around your home.


When it's time to receive your new ZenniHome, you will only need to connect to electric, water, and sewer utilities. This saves you a call to the gas company and the cost of connecting another utility! Fewer hookups. Fewer bills. More savings.


We’ve saved the best for last! Electric appliances are better for your home and better for the environment. The open flame from a gas stove emits elevated levels of Nitrogen Dioxide, a toxic gas. Without proper ventilation, this can pollute the air in your home and increase your risk for respiratory illnesses1. Because of these safety concerns, some states are moving away from gas hookups in favor of electric. With an all-electric ZenniHome, you can feel at peace knowing your home will keep your family safe, no matter where you live.


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Taylor Abrams

Taylor Abrams

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