Building a ZenniHome: Your Weekly Update - Week of 12/05/2023

Building a ZenniHome: Your Weekly Update - Week of 12/05/2023

Embark on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of ZenniHome's cutting-edge manufacturing process! We're excited to take you inside our state-of-the-art factory, strategically located in Page, AZ.


Inside this issue:

๐Ÿ’Ž Uncover a hidden gem of kitchen elegance in every ZenniHome

๐Ÿ— Discover the innovative factory where we build our homes

๐Ÿข Explore how ZenniHome units can stack for multifamily developments


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Design Spotlight

Elevate your kitchen with Fisher & Paykel dishwashers, a standout feature in ZenniHome's innovative designs. Nestled discreetly in a drawer, these innovative dishwashers contribute to a clutter-free and contemporary kitchen aesthetic. Fisher & Paykel's design ensures an enhanced, user-friendly experience, making your kitchen not just visually appealing but incredibly practical. Moreover, these dishwashers operate with a hushed efficiency, ensuring a quiet ambiance while remaining energy-efficient. Discover the intersection of elegance, quiet operation, and energy efficiency as ZenniHome redefines modern living through thoughtful design.ย 


Building a ZenniHome

Ever wondered where you ZenniHome is built? Step inside ZenniHome's state-of-the-art and temperature-controlled factory, strategically located in Page, AZ. What sets this facility apart is its unique origin - once a decommissioned coal plant on Navajo land, now a thriving center for precision-made homes.ย 

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we've set the ambitious goal of building 6,000 homes using recycled steel salvaged from the very coal plant that once stood on this land.ย 

Curious to see the magic unfold? Watch a walkthrough of our factory with our Caliber partners below.ย 


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