Introducing ZenniHome’s Denizen and Citizen

Introducing ZenniHome’s Denizen and Citizen

Two new modern prefab homes

Meet ZenniHome’s affordable, green and flexible Denizen and Citizen, two modern prefab homes.

If you’re looking for a better way to live—and a better home to live in—you aren’t alone. In fact, research says that the U.S. needs 6.8 million more homes to keep up with demand.1 That’s why you’ve been hearing so much about modular or factory-built housing lately: We need new, smarter, and faster ways  of creating dwellings for you and your fellow home-seekers.

If you’ve been disappointed with what’s available on the housing market and/or consistently outbid, we have two homes you need to meet. ZenniHome’s flagship models, the Denizen and Citizen, are designed just for you. Especially if:

  •  You’re looking for a more affordable home. The median home price in the U.S. is now $353,9001. That’s up $93,000 since 2011, and 21 percent higher than median prices at the height of the real estate bubble in 2006.2

    Our Denizen model starts at $90,000. The Citizen model starts at $125,000. And they come fully furnished.

  • You want to lessen your environmental impact. 65 percent of Americans are personally worried about global warming,4 and 87 percent of home buyers say energy costs are an important factor in purchase decisions.5

Both the Denizen and Citizen come with cutting-edge green tech to keep your carbon footprint and energy bills to a minimum. Aiming for carbon neutral? It’s a real possibility with these models.

  • You’re intent on creating a more meaningful life. In a recent survey, Americans said family (49 percent) and friends (20 percent) were the top two answers when asked what gives them meaning in life.6

Denizen and Citizen are designed to simplify the process of creating a home, so you have more time and money to spend with the people you love. They also offer intriguing opportunities for communal living, whether you want to combine units to create a framily compound or put an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in your backyard for visiting—or permanent!—family and friends.

The Denizen studio ($90,000) is 320 square feet and designed to fit 1 to 2 people with ease.

The Citizen multi-room unit ($125,000) is 640 square feet and will host 3 to 4 people comfortably.

Both models come with unique features you won’t find in other modern prefab homes, including:

  • Robotic furniture made by Ori: Beds descend from the ceiling to turn living rooms and offices into sleeping spaces. Closets open when in use, then collapse to save space. You’ll get triple the use out of every square foot.
  • Move-in ready accoutrements: Forget the endless big-box-store runs that used to be part of moving. Your Denizen and Citizen are ready for real living from day one. Order your model complete with sofas, TV choices, kitchen appliances, bathroom fittings, tables, chairs, desks, shelves and beds.
  • Built-in green living: Outfit your eco-sensitive Denizen or Citizen with 7KW solar systems (10KWhr lithium ion batteries), gray- and black-water recycling, tankless hot water and ZeroMass atmospheric potable water systems.
  • Smart-home tech: Want to streamline your on- and off-line living? Choose from ZenniHome’s smart-tech options, including connected cameras, locks, lights and thermostats; Starlink broadband and Wifi; and Google Home Hub Max.
  • Endless possibilities: The Denizen and Citizen are designed to work equally well as stand-alone or combined units. Pair, stack, or place side-by-side—let your modern-living imagination guide you. (And if you’re an emerging developer, let’s talk about how our ZenCity movement can benefit your newest project.)
  • Wealth-generating potential: With accessible pricing and low energy costs, Denizen and Citizen can help first-time home buyers save money while building equity and/or provide additional income as rental units.

If you’ve been searching for a living solution that fits your life, values and budget, ZenniHome has your answer: Denizen and Citizen are ready to welcome you home.

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