ZenCity is our developer solution for multi-family housing with 2-100 units and stackable up to 7 stories

Our Citizen and Denizen units are carefully manufactured to the exact size of standard shipping containers with steel frames that enable them to be stacked and combined in a multitude of configurations. ZenniHome believes beautiful homes should be attainable by everyone – welcome to ZenCity.

The Missing Middle

Leading experts in housing agree that what’s missing in housing is a range of house-scale buildings with multiple units—compatible in scale and form with detached single-family homes—located in a walkable neighborhood. They call this the missing middle. “Cities are shaped by the spaces that are not built, as much as they are by architecture.  The space in-between buildings defines the scale, function and beauty of these places... They are slender passages and urban rooms shaped by contiguous building surfaces. Compelling cityscapes are built from both the horizontal and vertical layering of space. The diversity of place and character that is achieved by drawing on simple compositions and forms is remarkable. The building blocks of many cities are markedly similar. What varies is the scale, the finishes of the streets and the site context.” Made Spaces, Stephen D. James, author and ZenniHome co-founder

A BIG Answer

Denizen and Citizen units were made to provide solutions for this big problem. They can be used to build 2 story buildings

...3 story buildings

...4 story buildings

...5 story buildings

...6 story buildings

In fact, they can be used to build up to 7 story Missing middle housing and get itt to market fast.

Grow your business strategically and profitably

Use ZenniHome Citizen and Denizen units to:

  • Sell to retail customers rather than wholesale builders
  • Take the vertical if you are a horizontal developer
  • Take the horizontal if you are a vertical developer
  • Become a high-rise developer if you have only done low-rise developments in the past

Democracy of design.

At ZenniHome, we believe great design should be attainable by everyone, not just the 

fortunate few. Driven by that core conviction, we’ve found a way to create homes that are not only attainable but downright beautiful. With light-filled spaces that uplift the spirit. And quality materials that are a feast for the eye and gratifying to the touch.

Better Development Returns

Use ZenniHome Citizen and Denizen units to:

Reduce your development cost and risk

  •  Buying units from ZenniHome lets you predict your costs more accurately

  • The units arrive ready, quality assured and delivered to your address, so you eliminate the costs of  waste and re-work

  • Less cost to build, means less cost to finance

Avoid Schedule Delays

  •  Because the units are factory built, you avoid schedule delays and additional costs of bad weather, labor, and material shortages

Reduce your sales costs

  • Close your sales office earlier-or simply show the home to customers using the ZenniHome sales office

This is new math.

Using less space, ZenniHome requires less energy to heat and cool. 

Less time to clean and maintain. Less of an investment to own. And, as you can imagine, all that subtraction really adds up.

Better rental income

Use ZenniHome Citizen and Denizen units for your rental properties to:

Lower your vacancy rates

· Fully furnished units speed up occupancy by making it easier for your tenants to move in and it solves your dilemma of offering furnished or unfurnished units

· A highly desirable modern cachet will get your units rented before any other competing properties

Improve your rental rates

· Command premium rental rates for the quality of finishing and furnishing

A better rental bottom line

Use ZenniHome Citizen and Denizen units for your rental properties to:

Reduce your operating costs

Smart technology and IOT lets you easily monitor and adjust temperature and lighting

Smart technology enables remote and smart maintenance allowing you to reduce your maintenance requests while improving tenant satisfaction with timely response

Solar systems allow you to save on energy costs 

Water systems let you better manage the cost of water and waste

Net positive … it could happen.

With integrated solar energy and cutting-edge insulating materials — and with an ingenious manufacturing process that assures every element comes together as a fully integrated, high-performance system — ZenniHome has the ability to achieve net positive energy usage. In other words, the utility company may be sending you a check.

A better tenant experience

Use ZenniHome Citizen and Denizen units for your rental properties and give your tenants a better experience.

Easier to move in

· Fully furnished suites

Modern and desirable

· Elegant, durable finishes

Better service

· Quality appliances, finishes and services mean fewer tenant problems

· Smart features allow tenants to self serve and enable you to proactively manage and respond to their requests

Better reviews

· A better tenant experience means better reviews and in an online world that means lower vacancy rates for you

“My experience with cities was that they were crowded and congested with traffic.  The architecture appeared overtly functional.  Europe felt different.  It seemed more humane due to the compact form and scale of public spaces and the quality and timeless character.

Great cities seem to have strong intentions, which are manifest through their repeated patterns of scale, materiality, and character as well as patterns of growth… What makes a place (city or community) special?

1.  There is a functional role for beauty

2. Cities that are loved are preserved

3. Flexible building types that can adapt over time will remain relevant

4. Every building plays a role in the character of cities

5. Great cities exercise restraint

6. Deviations from the dominant pattern punctuate place

7. Special moments are few and far between when there is a lack of a legible fabric”

Made Spaces, Stephen D. James, ZenniHome co-founder

Free as a bird.

Liberate your home and your life will follow.

Sell your homes faster

Recognized and sought after by customers, ZenniHome’s modern, transformative home design, with everything included….even the furnishing….will bring customers to you.

Include Citizen and Denizen units in your development and leverage the ZenniHome brand to sell your development ahead of the competition.

A lighter life.

Unbounded, unburdened and rich in experience.


Density makes such an important impact on your overall efficiency and profitability.

Using all those small spaces in your floor plate can be tricky. They could be wasted or you could use them to fit in one more Denizen home with its 320 sf floorplan. 

One more home per floor adds more units to your development and more units to your rental. It also solves many more housing needs for buyers, renters and their families. 

Getting more units into your floor plate is simple using Citizen and Denizen units.

A BIG Answer

Assemble multi-level designs easily using home units from ZenniHome’s kit of parts.  We focus on the units. You focus on common areas.

Think of Denizen and Citizen homes as building blocks for multi-story development.

They are easy to put together.

…they are built to stack.

…you can put retail on the ground floor.

…and parking below.

Optimize your schedule

ZenniHome lets you eliminate that dreaded wasted time. We’ve all been through it. It’s that wasted time you spend waiting.

With Denizen, Citizen and ZenCity, order the homes you need for your development and they will be manufactured, quality assured and sent to your development address.

All that happens while you get permitting, develop the land, and prepare the site. So, when each ZenniHome is delivered, it’s installed quickly, and you hand over the keys to your buyer or renter.

You can save up to 50% of time on your schedule by not building from scratch on site and then waiting for materials, trades, on-site inspections, rework, weather delays…

Wait no more.

“Architecture, at its highest and finest, is all about the orchestration of relationships in which each and every component is designed to give meaning and life to the whole.  This is as true for a modest structure as it is for a cathedral.

While we’re beginning to think of architecture at this level, we have yet to grasp that the most critical architecture of all is the relatedness between individuals and groups. we call Community---and, especially, between all of us and the sole source of life-- which we call Nature.

The seeds for this more holistic way of seeing have been planted throughout the ages, including those sown and emphasized by an individual who, long after his death, continues to be called “The World’s Greatest Architect” and, more recently, our “First Green” and “First Sustainable” Architect… Frank Lloyd Wright, who referred to architecture as “the seeing eye for society.””

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s last students, 

Vern D. Swaback, FAIA,

FAICPScottsdale, AZ

The love child of form and function.

That’s ZenniHome. A living environment that gracefully balances ergonomics and 

aesthetics to create a home that works … beautifully.