Exclusive Invitation for Investors

Hi I’m David Monson, VP of Marketing and Design

First - I want to extend my deepest thanks for your belief in our vision and your partnership on this transformative journey with ZenniHome. Your support has been instrumental in our success and in redefining the future of housing.

Some of our biggest wins recently had major contributions from people we’ve met through this investment process: $75M grant award with Navajo Nation, Sourcing new and improved materials for our homes, and structural design improvements!

Many of you have expressed a desire to further contribute to our mission and enhance the value of your investment. Today, I’m excited to provide a powerful way to do just that.

Inspired by the idea that just 1,000 committed followers can change the world, and bolstered by our strong base of over 2,000 investors, we've seen what potential lies ahead. 

It’s with great pride that I unveil the exclusive ZenniHome Ambassador Program.

This program is tailored for dedicated investors like you who are ready to take a more active role in our company's journey. As an Ambassador, you’ll have the unique opportunity to shape our strategies and drive innovations that continue to push the boundaries of modular living.

You will gain exclusive access to tools and resources that empower you to contribute directly to the company's success. This is your chance to not only see your investment grow but to actively participate in its growth.

If you’re ready to deepen your impact and take proactive steps in driving ZenniHome forward, I invite you to click below and sign up. Let’s innovate and inspire together.

I look forward to welcoming you into the Ambassador Program and exploring what we can achieve with your active participation. Together, we will build the future.

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