Welcome to ZenniHome Introductory Webinar & Q&A

Welcome to ZenniHome Introductory Webinar & Q&A

Join ZenniHome founder and CEO, Bob Worsley as he shares the story of how ZenniHome got started and his vision for the company before taking questions live!

WebinarZenniHome Navajo Nation Announcement

ZenniHome Navajo Nation Announcement

Join Bob Worsley and Patrick Sandoval as they discuss recent updates to our incredible partnership with the Navajo Nation. Patrick Sandoval is Chief of Staff for Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren.

WebinarZenniHome Design & Engineering Deep Dive

ZenniHome Design & Engineering Deep Dive

Join us as Bob Worsley and Stephen James, cofounder of ZenniHome, discuss the design and engineering behind ZenniHome. Stephen is a proven architecture, urban planning & community design leader...

WebinarBuilding with Autonomous Factories

Building with Autonomous Factories

Join us as we delve into the inner workings of ZenniHome's pioneering production process. In this event, Bob and Lars share how ZenniHome's factory technology is going to enable the production of ...

WebinarZenniHome Investor Fireside Chat with Caliber

ZenniHome Investor Fireside Chat with Caliber

Join ZenniHome CEO and founder Bob Worsley; Trevor Barger, ZenniHome CRO; and Brenton Smith, VP of Acquisitions and Development at Caliber, as they discuss why Caliber chose to invest in ZenniHome...