ZenniHome is Responsible

Conserve your personal resources as well as the world’s.


We know it’s important to live responsibly, both globally and personally. ZenniHomes are thoughtfully engineered and constructed to be affordable and to use the earth’s resources mindfully.

Did You Know?



It is expected that generation Z will spend over half of their gross income on rent.

The average American will spend over 45% of their gross income on rent during their first decade working.

‘More than 34% of all waste disposed of in 2017 was construction and demolition debris.’ – South Carolina Dept of Health

‘548 million tons of construction and demolition debris were generated in the US in 2015 – more than twice the amount of generated municipal solid waste.’ – US EPA

Single Use Home

Multi-Use Rooms

Most of the rooms in your home are vacant most of the time. Wasted space has led to urban sprawl, long commutes and inefficient energy usage. One room in a ZenniHome is designed to do a multitude of jobs.

multi use room


ZenniHomes are 30% cheaper than a comparable stick-built home. More affordable housing means more people living in comfort.

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Neighborhood Friendly

Building a new home on-site is expensive, noisy and messy. This can be a strain on your neighbors and friends. In just eight weeks, your ZenniHome is delivered quickly and quietly to your lot.

Smart Home Technology

Smart thermostats are just the beginning. Traditional homes waste energy and compromise your comfort. ZenniHomes are designed to be effortlessly energy conscious.

Big family

Traditional household

  • 45 year career with single employer and pension
  • Household includes 4+ individuals
  • Live in suburb, commute to city for work
Hipster with laptop

Target Customer

  • 40% of US employees are freelance (2020)
  • 45% of US adult population are single (2018)
  • 80% of US jobs are service based (2018